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Tax Returns

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We partner with small businesses.

Need tax help? We cater to your needs, whether simple or complex. 

We can help you file your tax returns, tidy up your balance sheet, or even represent you during an audit from the IRS.

Need to form a corporation?

We can help you form the best legal structure for your business and clearly explain the tax advantages of each.

Sole Proprietors
C Corporations

S Corporations
LLC Corporations


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Have a big tax liability?

Let Melanie Hirsch - a former IRS auditor and CPA- give you guidance. We have years of experience helping businesses in tax trouble. 

No matter your problem, we can help you.

Save some serious coin with tax planning.

Tax planning is a powerful way to save money on your taxes.

We guide our clients in utilizing the right deductions throughout the year - in advance of filing. That means a smaller tax bill for your business.
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Got rentals? We’ve got the know-how.

Having rentals can come with a bunch of tax advantages, but it also comes with some unique obligations. Let us help you navigate them, like we have for many of our clients.

Bookkeeping and Payroll

If you’re a small business with employees, monitoring cash flow and handling payroll can be just one more thing that keeps you from focusing on your business.

Let us do it for you, so you can focus on what matters most.
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Payroll &
HR Services

Meet Melanie Hirsch, CPA, MBA

Meet Melanie Hirsch CPA, MBA

Melanie is a licensed CPA and a former IRS tax auditor. She’s been helping small business clients solve their tax problems for over 10 years.

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5330 Primrose Dr Ste. 228
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